Commercial Construction

We can add offices, repair damages, or move into a built-to-suit, there is no project we can’t do.  We understand you may need to remain operational during construction. We will work with you to make this a seamless process and minimize the impact to your bottom-line.

Residential Construction

Updating the façade of your home, adding additional square footage, replacing your roof or updating rooms, we can work within your budget to achieve your desired vision.

Bathroom Remodel

From your basic half bath to a spa inspired haven or an ADA compliant facility, we can create what fits your needs or what you’ve always dreamed of.

Mold Assessment

It’s important prior to remediation to establish the complexity of the job by testing the quality of the air and determining moisture content within the property. As an architect is to a building, a mold assessor is to mold remediation.

Kitchen Remodel

Increase the equity and enjoyment of your home. Whether a modern, country, or European influenced kitchen, let your imagination soar and we’ll build your dream kitchen.

Mold Remediation

Once its determined that mold is present, remediation takes place. This consists of isolating the contaminated area by building containment chambers for removal of mold impacted materials followed by HEPA vac and thorough cleaning.

HVAC Cleaning

Routine maintenance of your HVAC is vital to the operation of your system especially in South Florida due its constant operation. Cleaning of the HVAC system helps improve air quality for you and your occupants and preserves the longevity of your system.


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